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Know someone who would make a great STEM teacher?

For more than a decade, the WW Teaching Fellowship has prepared and supported some extraordinary science and math teachers. Just like Matt, Tamara, and Nathan—see below—our Fellows are dedicated to providing high-quality math and science learning experiences to middle and high school students in high-need schools.


Even after years of national initiatives, there are still persistent teacher shortages in STEM classrooms. However, your students could be part of the next generation of STEM teacher leaders.

If you know any seniors or recent STEM graduates with an interest in teaching who are considering next year’s options, this might be a great opportunity for them. They can receive a $32,000 stipend, discounted tuition, mentoring, and an M.Ed. through the WW Teaching Fellowship program. We accept Fellows on a rolling basis; interested candidates can apply now. The first deadline is November 4, 2020.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to close the achievement gap and ensure quality STEM education is available to all students.



Schedule an info session with Admissions Counselor, Neema Ndiba.


Nov. 4, 2020 | Jan. 11, 2020 | Mar. 1, 2021