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CareerCON Sunday

Dear Wolfack,

CareerCON is a webinar on Sunday where you can ask career questions live.  You can ask questions ahead of time at this padlet.


The webinar will begin at noon on Sunday February 21, 2021.


Below is the agenda and the join links- The password for each webinar is wolfpack

12:00 p.m. Hiring Manager Panel of Talent Acquisition Experts – Join at 12 with –

1:00 p.m. Choose one of the following 5 concurrent sessions-

Getting the most out of your first internship or job experience  Join at 1pm with

Being of Service Through your Strengths- Relationships are living, growing organisms. They require constant nurturing to thrive, and without focused attention, they can die. This session will help you become more intentional about your relationships and commit to lasting action. In this session you will develop a personal mission statement and think about how you can work more effectively by partnering with others who have complementary themes of talent.  Join at 1pm with- 

Using Strengths in the Professional World and Career Well-Being- Learn the importance of self-care and how to ensure you can be a success in the professional world.  Join at 1pm with:

Women Self-advocating Using Strengths. In this session we will discuss how women can use their Top 5 strengths to advocate for themselves at work and in life.  Join at 1pm with:

Strengthening your Career Readiness Toolkit. How do you leverage your Top 5 strengths to hear the words, “You’re HIRED!” Join us for this interactive breakout session that will explore the ways you can highlight your Strengths in your resume, cover letter, and job interview. Imagine how you will stand out to employers when you are able to confidently talk about your Strength SuperPowers! Join at 1pm with:

2:00 p.m. Career/Major Specific Networking Break Out Panels (pick one) –

STEM – Join at 2pm with

Humanities  – Join at 2pm with

Business – Join at 2pm with   go.ncsu/careerconbusiness

Engineering – Join at 2pm with

Creative  – Join at 2pm with

Remember, wolfpack is the password for each session.

See you on Sunday for an exciting event!

Marcy Bullock ~ Director, Professional Development

Career Development Center