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Young Mathematicians Conference: August 20 – 22, 2021

We are excited to announce the 18th annual  YOUNG MATHEMATICIANS CONFERENC to be held online from August 20 – 22, 2021 (Fri-Sun).

Please mark the date and forward this announcement to any students or
teachers you know are involved in undergraduate research in
mathematics.  Information about this year’s conference will be posted
and updated at


We are inviting applications from undergraduate students involved in
mathematical research (in REUs and similar programs) to present their
research in talks and poster sessions.

Our online application system will open in late June followed shortly
by our second announcement.  The deadline for applications will be
Friday July 30, 5:00pm Eastern.


Besides the student presentations, we are delighted to have the
following distinguished speakers to deliver plenary talks at YMC:

 Federico Ardila (San Francisco State University)
 Marissa Kawehi Loving (Georgia Tech)
 Jose Perea (Michigan State University)
 Lilian Pierce (Duke University)   


The YMC will host a graduate program panel connecting postgraduate
programs with prospective students and providing prospective students
with a glimpse of graduate study in mathematics.  If you are
interested in representing your institution on this panel, please


Applications will be judged and scored right after the submission
deadline by a panel of approximately 25 mathematics faculty so that we
expect most decisions to be available in the week following the
deadline.  More info on the selection process, including tips for
writing abstracts, is available during the application process.


We invite mathematics PhDs to volunteer to be a judge of abstracts.
It provides a unique perspective on mathematical undergraduate
research, and would require about five or so hours in the days
following the deadline.  To help with judging please email us at

The conference is supported by NSF Grant DMS-1916606 Ohio State
Department of Mathematics, Ohio State Mathematical Research Institute
and the College of Arts and Sciences.

YMC 2021 Organizing Committee

 Rodica Costin (The Ohio State University)
 Jim Fowler (The Ohio State University)
 John Johnson (The Ohio State University)
 Liz Vivas (The Ohio State University)