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Everything math REUs – SUM Club presentation

Next Monday (11/20) at 7pm in the undergraduate math lounge we will be hosting an extra meeting about Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs), particularly Summer REUs. These are excellent opportunities to gain experience with mathematical research, to learn if doing research is interesting or right for you, and to get an opportunity to network with students and academics across the country.

Many REUs are available to undergraduates over the summer and will pay stipends (usually $4-6k) along with room, board, and travel fees. They are hosted across the country at hundreds of different universities!

This meeting will cover the following:

  • What REUs are (what to expect, how long, etc.)
  • Where to find REU opportunities
  • What are the different types of REUs
  • How to apply for REUs
  • What is typically expected in applications
  • How to make a good CV and statement
  • and more!

This will also give you the chance to ask several students about their experiences doing REUs!

This meeting will be in addition to our final end-of-year SUM Club celebration on Nov. 27th!