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Pack Planner

Guidelines for MA and AMA Degree Planner

The Degree planner (or plan of work) makes it easy to effectively plan your future semesters and ensure that you are making progress towards your degree. The video for the new Pack Planner will show you the basics of using your degree planner to plan courses for future semesters, check your prerequisites, and communicate with your advisor. Consult this Enrollment Guide to find out about efficient ways to find open classes listed in your degree planner, build your schedule around your non-academic and academic activities, have the shopping cart ready to go on the enrollment date and more. The Degree Planner is not a contract. If you are confused about how to use it, or you just don’t have any idea what courses to take, plan as much as you can.

Your degree planner should be build around the main requirements for a MA degree or AMA degree. Consider the following key items when you are populating your Degree Planner:

  1. Have at least 3 Fall/Spring semesters of courses (or up to your graduation). You should have a clear idea of when your graduation date will be.
  2. All BASIC MATHEMATICS courses: MA 141, MA241, MA 242, MA 225. It is extremely important that you enroll in MA 225 as soon as you complete MA241 (Caculus 2) so you can make adequate progress towards degree.
  3. CH 101 and 102
  4. Physics sequence: (PY 205/206 and 208/209) or (PY 201 and PY 202). Please note that you may substitute the second PY course with CH 201/202.
  5. ENG 101
  6. MA 405 (before MA 407)
  7. MA 407, and
  8. MA 425
  9. Select the advanced math electives. Note that some math courses are not being offered every semester. Your advisor should guide you in choosing appropriate math electives.
  10. Some of your advanced math electives should satisfy the major paper co-requirement (for MA and AMA) and the modeling co-requirement (for AMA).
  11. Select GEP courses that are of interest to you. Some of them should also satisfy the US Diversity and Global Knowledge co-requirements.
  12. Select the remaining requirements for your MA/AMA degree.

Submit your plan before meeting with your advisor to discuss enrollment for next semester. Plans submitted by 5 pm are generally processed the next business day. If you submit after 5 pm, expect a 2-day turnaround. Your adviser cannot see changes made after 5pm due to the way Registration and Records processes the Plans.